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Goodluck Hope represents Ballymore’s most ambitious residential property development yet. Injecting new life and vibrancy into the neighbourhood, and furthering the remarkable regeneration of Docklands riverside in London, their plan includes 804 new homes, 2,000 sqm of commercial space, 235 sq m of education floorspace, and a restored Grade II-listed Orchard Dry Dock.

It’s crucial for large-scale residential property development projects to secure forward sales. In an industry that is as competitive and with such high stakes as property, developers need to exhibit their upcoming projects in a way that excites prospective buyers years before the works are even finished.

When Ballymore approached Neutral Digital with the task of producing an interactive digital marketing suite for their most ambitious residential property development yet, we knew we had to push the boundaries.


The brand identity was initially developed by MadeThought - the brand was connecting to the golden age of craftsmanship and naval influence due to the location's history as a ship dock. The brand was enforced through hand painted signs, stamps and modern craftsmanship which is difficult to translate into digital, especially 3D. Historical elements including old maps of the area and details of docks were incorporated into the digital design and later also reflected in the style of the flats.


We needed to provide visitors with a visually accurate representation of the development as well as detailed information about the individual apartments and surroundings. The colossal amount of content required for this project included five separate large apartment complexes which we needed to reproduce to the tiniest detail, and we also needed to recreate the entire London City Island development and the surrounding shops and landscape.

We decided to split the experience into several levels which would be easily accessible to the user depending on their needs. 

The user can to access different experience levels by zooming out or choosing object further from the ground level such as points of interest or buildings


Ballymore requested us to design software that would fit both an iPad used by the in-house marketing teams and a video wall used for marketing events in various locations. 


As a UX/UI designer on this project, me and my team had to thoroughly plan every single feature and carefully design a grid which would scale for both iPad and video wall screens. We used iPads and the biggest available screen to test all the designed software. We were only able to test the final result on a video wall a week before the GLH opening event.

Considering the complexity of development and tight schedule, we used two separate tools to collate design feedback from the client on a weekly basis. InVision reflected the final content selection, while Principle allowed previewing transitions and animation of separate elements and levels.

Three types of hardware used - iPad, 50-inch screen and 9 screen video wall

London map with various transportation overlays

The user experience has been designed to be as friction-free as possible – the interactions and gestures are exactly the same as they would be on any touch screen device to zoom, pan and rotate around to get every possible view of the model. To visit an apartment the user simply taps on any building to bring up the filtering user interface showing all the apartments that are still available in that building. From there, the user can narrow the results with a minimal number of taps, sorting by number of bedrooms, location, floor level and even the direction of the view. They can also quickly swap to any other building in the development while keeping the same filters with a single tap.


We created a set of custom-animated maps for multiple devices to accurately reflect travel times across London and the world. All in all, we had created hundreds of images, videos, 360° images, 360° videos, and bodies of descriptive text in both English and Traditional Chinese.

The solution me and my team created exemplifies the values and style of the Goodluck Hope development - modern, ambitious, and ahead of the curve. An interactive digital experience that showcases all aspects of the development on an enormous 4-meter touch screen integrated with their CRM System, Salesforce. It is by far the most advanced digital marketing suite seen in the London property market.

Animations and transitions made with Principle