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Real-time architectural visualisation for boosting off-plan sales.


Blackhawk Network


Yonda - Money you look forward to spending


Lead UX/UI Designer


Our design team had received a brief to redesign an existing internal product for a market launch in the beginning of 2019. While Blackhawk Network had the internal product used and tested, we collated a workshop to analyse the existing flaws and record ideas of how the product could be improved. 


The interface designs followed the branding guidelines developed by another agency. I have used the primary palette for various text and background elements. Reds were used to accent the user's attention to elements for decision making or just general promotion. I was working closely with front-end developers to ensure the quality on both iOS and Android platforms. 

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Starting screens for Yonda app

Merchants section showcasing current offers and rebates

Activation process - activating card, setting up a goal and inviting friends